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Eye Care International

EyeCare International is a non-profit organization that has been providing eye care to underserved communities in El Salvador since 1995. How? Donations and volunteers. Though the formula seems simple, EyeCare International works year round to make these trips a reality.

Our Roots

EyeCare International volunteers span the entire United States, as well. Doctors in Ohio, coordinators in Florida…rather than working against the distance, members have embraced the hurdle and turned it into an opportunity to access more volunteers in more locations. And members get together on weekends to sort donations, medical supplies, different prescription glasses, etc. The members have affectionately nicknamed these events “work parties.” Despite the distance and differences, from both each other and El Salvador, all of the volunteers possess a reverence for their mission that is simply unmatched.

About El Salvador and Past Missions

If you are looking to change lives, EyeCare International is always looking for volunteers. Over an annual two week period they individually examine and provide optometric services, corrective lenses, ophthalmic surgery, and ophthalmic prosthetics and receive no financial reimbursement for services or goods provided. If you are looking to do something perhaps more local, that is great, too! Because EyeCare International has been making these trips for so many years, they have been able to build a solid foundation with in-country organizations and individuals which allow them to reach more and more people and further extend their outreach.

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