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As the name suggests, Eye Care International provides vision care and services to underserved communities in El Salvador, including optometric services (eye exams), corrective lenses (prescription glasses), ophthalmic surgery (cataract and pterygium surgery), and even ophthalmic prosthetics (false eyes!). Eye Care International is a non-profit made up of 100% volunteers; they have no paid staff or directors and has been making annual trips to different communities in El Salvador since 1995. By continuing to make these annual trips, Eye Care International is able to foster relationships with in-country organizations and provide more services to more individuals in need. Eye Care International also works to increase awareness of the difficulties faced by individuals with optometric problems-even one pair of glasses can change one individual’s life for the better.

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Looking to develop or pursue volunteer opportunities with Eye Care International? You are in luck! No prior experience is necessary and everyone can help in some way. While the primary areas of volunteering usually land in donating, physically volunteering, or recruiting, Eye Care International is always willing to accept help in other ways, as well. If you are an eyecare professional, your experience is particularly needed. However, anyone who wants to make a difference in someone else’s life is welcome. If you are interested in donating, then please click here or the button at the top of the webpage. If you are curious about volunteering in other ways, please click below for more information.


The annual trips to El Salvador have been fulfilling and life altering for everyone involved. While no amount of storytelling or photographs can replicate the experiences had by the Eye Care team and their patients, Eye Care International invites you to experience a fraction of that with photos, videos, and testimonials which have been collected over many years and many trips.

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